Recent NRC News Stresses Importance of Radiation Safety Officer Duties

August 2, 2009 · Written by ·

If you are a medical physicist who is also serving as the Radiation Safety Officer for your institution, it’s a good idea to take your responsibility as the RSO seriously and to give a higher priority to your duties as an RSO over your other responsibilitites as a medical physicist. “The NRC must be able to rely on individuals assigned to performing key safety functions at NRC-licensed facilities,” said Mark Satorius, Regional Administrator of the NRC Region 3 office in Lisle, Illinois. He continues: “A radiation safety officer is in the front line of ensuring the safe use of nuclear materials. It is a big responsibility and needs to be taken seriously.” These statements were published in a recent NRC press release dated July 31, 2009. The Nuclear Regulatory Commission staff has issued a confirmatory order to a radiation safety officer at the Department of Veterans Affairs Center in Lexington, Ky for failing to implement the radiation safety program in accordance with federal regulations. For details on the story you can click on this link:

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