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I’ve received several emails regarding the “Post A New Topic” form in the left sidebar of the site.

The form is there so you can write a post and publish to this blog. After completing the form, your content will be published to, much like any other post you currently see on the site. True to blog format, posts are in reverse chronological order.

You can “Start a New Topic” to share your thoughts, ask a question or write about anything medical physics-related (news, events, etc). Again, true to blog format, readers can then leave a reply to the post by submitting a comment via the comment link.

Several things to keep in mind when you complete the “Start a New Topic” form:

1-Whatever you put in the “Name” field will appear at the top of your post after “Written by.” Simply write “Anonymous” if you would like to remain unknown (i.e. if you would like to share your thoughts anonymously).

2-The “Email” field is optional. You do not need to complete this field in order to submit a post. It is there to facilitate contact between the reader and poster.

3-The “Post Title” field is your headline/subject line. It will appear as the title of the post (for example, the post title for this article is “How to Use”).

4-Finally, write whatever you want to say in the “Post Body” field and hit send. All posts will appear on the site within 12 hr of submission. There is a lag time to ensure posts are not spam.

Lastly, feel free to leave comments whenever you have something to say in response to any article or post you read. Blogs are meant to promote discussion and an exchange of ideas. To leave a comment, simply click the red “Comment” link under the post title. If you are on the post page itself, the comment area is at the very bottom of the post. All comments will appear at the bottom of their respective blog post.

All medical physicists are welcome and encouraged to leave comments and/or to submit new posts.

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