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AAPM and The Radiological Society of North America Fellowship for Graduate Study in Medical Physics

This award is for the first two years of graduate study leading to a doctoral degree in Medical Physics. A stipend of $13000 per year, plus tuition support not exceeding $5000 per year is assigned to the recipient. The amount of tuition support granted will be at the discretion of the AAPM. Each applicant must be a graduate of an undergraduate program in physics or equivalent majors (e.g. engineering-physics, math-physics, or nuclear engineering or applied physics) from an accredited university or college in North America. The undergraduate grade point average must be greater than 3.5 (Based on a 4.0). Each applicant must have submitted an application for graduate study to one of the accredited programs with subsequent acceptance. For more information, contact Jacqueline Ogburn at AAPM.
(301) 209-3394
AAPM Research Seed Funding Initiative

These awards provide start-up funds for research-oriented medical physicists. Each award consists of $25,000 for a one-year term to provide funds to develop exciting investigator-initiated concepts, which will hopefully lead to successful longer term project funding from the NIH or equivalent funding sources. It is expected that funding will begin on July 1 of the year in which the award is made, and that subsequent research results will be submitted for presentation at future AAPM meetings. Eligibility criteria: 1) 5 years or less since awarding of Ph.D, 2) Member of the AAPM (any membership category), 3) No previous grants >$50,000 as principal investigator, and 4) Not received the Research Seed Funding Initiative in prior years.
AAPM Summer Undergraduate Fellowship Program

The program is designed to provide opportunities for undergraduate students to gain exposure to and experience in medical physics by performing research in a medical physics laboratory or assisting with clinical service at a clinical facility.Applicants must have completed at least 2 years of their undergraduate studies, but must not have graduated and must have declared a major in physics, engineering, or other science, which requires differential equations and junior level courses in modern physics/quantum mechanics and electricity and magnetism or equivalent in engineering. Restricted to U.S. citizens, permanent residents (others must provide evidence that they are authorized to work in the US during the fellowship). Fellows receive a stipend of $4,500 for the 10-week period.
(301) 209-3394
AAPM-IPEM Medical Physics Travel Grant

This grant is made annually to a US AAPM member who shows evidence of an active scientific career in medical physics. Criteria: 1) Practicing medical physics for at least 5 years, 2) Travel to United Kingdom for 14 to 21 days, 3) Submit report suitable for publication in AAPM Newsletter and appropriate receipts for reimbursement. Applicant should send CV and letter detailing anticipated professional development as a result of this travel, and five suggested topics for lectures to be presented during their visit to the U.K. along with a list of proposed facilities to be visited. The grant is supported by £400 from the IPEM and $2750 from AAPM to be used towards expenses incurred in the UK.
ACMP Graduate Student Award

Each year one medical physics graduate student is awarded a $1,000 scholarship at the annual American College of Medical Physics meeting. The nominee should be: 1) An MS or PhD candidate in an accredited medical physics program (required), 2) Active in their graduate program, 3) Active in medical or Medical Physics professional organizations, 4) Participate in extracurricular programs or volunteer work. The student must be nominated by the graduate program’s director in a letter stating why the student is deserving of this award. There is a limit of one nomination for each program. The student’s CV and letter of nomination should be in PDF format and sent by email to the chair of the Awards and Honors Committee, Joel E. Gray, Ph.D.
ASTRO/AAPM Radiation Oncology Physics Residency Training Grant

The purpose of this grant is to promote the development of radiation physics residency programs leading to more graduates and qualified professionals entering the workforce. The grant provides assistance to newly established programs working towards accreditation. Up to $72,000 in total funding will be awarded each year: up to $36,000 will be awarded by ASTRO and matched by AAPM (individual program grants will not exceed $12,000 each). The awards are chosen by the Awards Selection Subcommittee (member of the Education and Training of Medical Physics Committee). Applications will be accepted from radiation oncology physics residency programs that meet the criteria set forth by AAPM Report #90, “Essentials and Guidelines for Radiation Oncology Physics Residency Training Programs.”
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