For the ABR examinees this week: You Will Pass If…

August 31, 2009 · Written by ·

These are some encouraging statements for those taking the ABR Physics exam next week. I learned them through different stages of my life (when I was taking either academic or board exams). Here they are:

1- If it has been a priority of yours to be ABR certified, you’ll pass.

2- If you have studied hard enough, you’ll pass.

3- If I and other physicists have passed the board, you’ll pass too.

4- If you have studied so hard that you feel you know nothing, you’ll pass.

5- If you have studied hard and still are panicking, you’ll pass.

6- If you think you know everything, you’ll fail.

7- The night before the exam, do whatever you feel like. The day of the exam, be relaxed and focused, have confidence. On the exam, do the ones you know first. If you’re stumped on one question, take a deep breath and go to the next one (repeat, if necessary).

8- If you don’t pass this year, you will pass eventually.

9- We’d like you to post exam questions on this blog for discussion, so please post them soon afterward before you forget them! (Trust me, I forgot my questions within several days after my exam)

10- Good luck!

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