Prostate Cancer: IMRT or Seed Implant

April 25, 2009 · Posted in Op-Ed · 5 Comments 

I was in the OR last Friday for a prostate implant procedure. We (i.e. the physics group) prepared the seed, did the proper QA, and set them on the table–ready for implant.  Everything was set. After a short while, a nurse brought the patient into the room. He looked somewhat scared and panicked, as many patients do when they are brought into the OR. He was wondering what we were going to do with him.  He probably remembered the pain he went through when his PVA was done with an ultrasound probe while he was awake. Shortly thereafter, the radiation oncologists and urologists, while chatting it up with each other, arrived in the room. The nurse and the doctors helped to place the patient on the table.  The anesthesiologists prepared to put him under for the implant procedure. Read more

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