CAMPEP Programs among the 2010 U.S. News Top 25 Colleges/Universities

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usnewscoverIt’s that time of year again when U.S. News and World Report releases its list of the top colleges and universities. I have always found the U.S. News rankings to be interesting, so I thought it would be appropriate to post the most recent ranking (for the 2010 year) of the top 25 colleges and universities. Unfortunately, there is no official U.S. News ranking for the Best Medical Physics Programs. However, if you want to study medical physics at a CAMPEP accredited program and graduate from a “top 10” college/university, you must attend either Columbia University or Duke University. It’s a shame that aside from Columbia, Duke, University of Chicago and Vanderbilt, there are no other universities with CAMPEP-accredited programs in the U.S. News list of top 25 best colleges and universities.

In case you are wondering what the list looks like this year, the schools are listed below. The universities with CAMPEP programs are bolded.

24. University of Virginia (tie)

24. University of California–Los Angeles (tie)

23. Georgetown University

22. Carnegie Mellon University

21. University of California–Berkeley

20. University of Notre Dame

17. Vanderbilt University (tie)

17. Rice University (tie)

17. Emory University (tie)

16. Brown University

15. Cornell University

14. Johns Hopkins University

12. Washington University in St. Louis (tie)

12. Northwestern University (tie)

11. Dartmouth College

10. Duke University

8. University of Chicago (tie)

8. Columbia University (tie)

4. University of Pennsylvania (tie)

4. Stanford University (tie)

4. Massachusetts Institute of Technology (tie)

4. California Institute of Technology (tie)

3. Yale University

1. Princeton University (tie)

1. Harvard University (tie)

If you are interested in seeing some specs and a nice little photo of each school, check out WalletPop’s slideshow at

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3 Responses to “CAMPEP Programs among the 2010 U.S. News Top 25 Colleges/Universities”

  1. Todd on August 25th, 2009 11:37 pm

    University of Chicago is accredited (2008).
    University of Pennsylvania is working towards accreditation from what I know.

    Although not technically a degree’d graduate program, the following schools in the list have accredited residencies: Washington University in St. Louis, UPenn, Duke, UChicago, and Vanderbilt.

  2. on August 26th, 2009 12:12 pm

    Thank you for pointing out U of Chicago…I went back and edited the post to reflect Chicago’s accreditation. I’m not surprised about what you say about UPenn–though I would have expected them to have accreditation by now. MIT must be seeking accreditation as well. I can imagine they could be a powerhouse program after accreditation considering their medical physics degree is through the joint Harvard-MIT Health Sciences Technology (HST) program–giving students access to both MIT physics as well as Harvard Medical facilities & faculty.

  3. MB on November 10th, 2012 5:04 pm

    UCLA has been accredited since 1994.

    But in any event, your desire for more “top 25 schools” with CAMPEP programs is pretty trivial. Those rankings contain lots of useless parameters like graduation rates and alumni giving. Hence, a school like Notre Dame is ranked higher than UC Berkeley or U. of Michigan.

    You have to compare the medical departments directly.

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