Authorized Medical Physicist (AMP)

April 29, 2009 · Written by ·

10CFR Part 35 requires that a physicist who needs to do HDR procedure be listed as an Authorized Medical Physicist (AMP) in the material license. The link below discusses the §35.51 Training for an Authorized Medical Physicist.

I found this link to be quite useful, and I refer to it many times, so I am putting it here for your reference. This is especially useful for and applicable to new physicists who need to do HDR or for the RSOs who need to amend the material license to include new physicists in the license. I am guessing that all the agreement states have adopted this regulation from the NRC (or something similar to it).

Further, if you are changing your job and are already listed as an AMP in the material license in your present job, it’s important to take a copy of the material license with you to your new job! Believe me, this will save you, the RSO, and the institution a lot of time and possibly spare all of you a headache.

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