ABR Practice Exam Question 3 – Time Error

August 15, 2009 · Written by MDPhysics.com · mdphysicsblog@gmail.com

To measure Time Error for a therapy machine (Co-60), a physicist took two different output measurements at two different time intervals. The result is listed below:

minute Exposure
T1 = 1 R1 = 100
T2 = 2 R2 = 201

What is the time error for this machine?

1- 0.59 seconds
2- 1 seconds
3- 0.29 seconds
4- 1.18 seconds
5- Cannot be determined from the data

Note: Co-60 machines may be out of the picture, but there may be a question on C0-60 machines on the exam. Although Time Error can be applicable to all therapy machines, it’s more applicable to Co machines.

Click here for the answer to ABR Practice Exam Question 3.


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